East Meets West Meets History: Vogue Korea

One of my absolute favourite places to look at fashion – and by extension, costume – inspiration is Vogue Korea. I absolutely cannot read a single character of the Korean language, but the images truly speak for themselves.  So many gorgeous photo-shoots, and so many heavily influenced by both Eastern and Western historical fashion.

Obviously Vogue Korea’s website can be a little difficult to navigate for the Korean illiterate, but it’s worth the exploration to find some seriously gorgeous gems.

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Images via http://www.vogue.co.kr/

Who Do You Think is the Best-Dressed Briton in History?

The BBC History Magazine wants to know who you think is the best-dressed Briton in History.

10 fashion experts have chosen 10 historical figures who made a significant impact on the fashion scene of their respective times.

You can have your say here: http://www.historyextra.com/bestdressed

In my opinion, the poll is a bit of a dud. You need to be a fashion expert yourself in order to fairly judge who is (or was) the most fashionable of their time, and you’d need a pretty good background of the time itself too.  I don’t know too many people outside the history (and history of fashion) world who are familiar with Beau Brummell, for example, who is essentially famous for being fashionable.

Right now the overwhelming leader in the poll is the only figure who is alive and well-recognized by contemporary popular culture. So is this really about whose best-dressed or is it a popularity contest? Or are those two things mutually inclusive?