Bluebird – WWI Canadian Nursing Sister

The past couple weeks I’ve been working my fingers off putting together a costume commission. The request was for a Canadian nurse’s uniform from the First World War. The nursing sisters were nicknamed Bluebirds because of the beautiful blue colour of their uniforms.

bluebird 0Original Bluebird uniform from the War Museum in Ottawa, Canada

Yesterday was an annual event hosted by the city to celebrate our history and culture, and I was requested to model the uniform at the Small Arms Building, which was used to manufacture firearms for WWII, mainly by local women.

Despite my best efforts however, I was not to complete the uniform in its full entirety, but it was finished enough to achieve the necessary effect. Here are a couple photos of the – almost – complete uniform.

bluebird 4

bluebird 2

bluebird 6

bluebird 5

bluebird 3

bluebird 1