2013: Costuming in Review

I think I’ve been a very bad blogger. It’s a new year and I haven’t made an update since October. I don’t normally make new year’s resolutions, but maybe this year I should start by to making more time for my blog.

I’ll start with a brief year in review.

2013 was an absolutely fantastic year for me, not necessarily for my costuming though…

The first whole half of the year was dedicated to moving out and getting married in Disney World. I DIY’ed absolutely every aspect of our wedding that I possibly could manage, but before anyone asks not the dress.


In August I pulled out my Merida costume to attend FanExpo. And met my favourite actor Karl Urban (big Lord of the Rings fan here). My husband and I spent the last week of August fashioning a bow from PVC pipe.

Image Image

In October I was busy with a bunch of Halloween related projects.

A historical night out as a pioneer from the past. The bonnet I put together to make my Chemise a la Reine look a little more 1813 appropriate. In the dark, I’d say it passed off quite well.


My Snow White costume out for a night of dancing. Thinking of the last minute crunch to finish the costume still gives me stress and I forgot to bring the right ribbon to lace up the front of the bodice. I made it in time, but there are some definite improvements I hope to make to it.


Mary Poppins too made it in time for Halloween!

Dinner and the Opera on Halloween night. We dressed up circa 1912, me in a gown made for the 100th anniversary of the Titanic and my husband in the long overdue tailcoat tuxedo.

IMG_3595 IMG_3600

And in November a stack of hats for a local museum.

For Christmas I got three lovely new costume/history books I can’t wait to dive into (already well into The Beau Monde by Hannah Greig), and my Husband bought me a pair of Pompadours and stockings from American Duchess. Looks like I finally have the excuse I need to move an 18th century dress to the top of my to-do list!

Well, that’s all for 2013! Here’s to a more productive 2014! Cheers!

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