The Snow White Ballgown Project

Back to Snow White…

My bodice fittings are well under way, and proving to be an absolute nightmare. I am literally waking up at night thinking about this bodice and how to proceed. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that? It’s not quite all bad. The fit is coming along, although the bodice seems to sit differently every time I try it on, deadlocking me in round after round of fittings.

Originally I intended this to be a simple boned bodice with no corset, but since I am running out of time to work through some unforeseen problems, I decided to slap the bodice over some stays I made up a few years ago. Unfortunately I can’t really get the stays on by myself, so that is also really halting progress. And the stays drastically increased my waist size, to the point that my skirt waistband only barely fits now. All that being said, the fit is actually really coming along nicely and I’m not totally unhappy with how it’s progressing. I just wish it could be faster! After all, I need to get to the beading and bejeweling!

Mocked-up bodice pinned onto the stomacher.

Mocked-up bodice pinned onto the stomacher.

Bodice Back

Bodice Back

In other news I have been commissioned to do a Mary Poppins costume, also with a Halloween-time deadline. Pattern drafting is currently under way, and I will update as progress continues. I was very good a balancing and project/time management in school, I need to find that place again, preferably sooner than later!

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